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Life 6 Levels The Complete Series – General English Course For Adults [DVD]

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Welcome to Life, an exciting new six-level adult series that turns learning English into an exploration of the world we live in. Drawing on National Geographic content, Life transforms the learning experience into a fabulous journey with irresistible images, articles and videos that engage students like no series before. Bring Life into your classroom!


  • Series: Life: Bring Life into Your Classroom
  • DVD: 6 DVD
  • Publisher: National Geographic/(ELT); 1 edition (February 12, 2013)
  • Language: English

About the Author

My career in ELT began in Oxford in 1987, first as a teacher, then DoS, then Vice principal of Godmer House School of English. In 1996, I set up my own school teaching English to professionals which I ran for 10 years, giving it up in 2006 to concentrate on writing full-time. My interests have always centred around needs-based learning: from task-based learning for general English students through business English teaching to specialised ESP courses. As a teacher and a writer, my aim is to develop materials that are meaningful and thought-provoking – that offer more than just language learning. I seek out projects that offer this possibility. This was what led me to work with National Geographic on the adult series, LIFE. My publications include: Success with BEC (Summertown 2008), Energy English (Cengage 2010) and LIFE (National Geographic Learning (2012). I live in Oxford with my wife (and children when they come home). I love exercise (tennis, yoga, swimming, cycling and walking), reading and travel and I like to combine all three as often as I can.

John Hughes has worked in ELT for twenty years as a teacher, teacher trainer and director of studies. Currently, he runs training courses, both face-to-face and online. He is also an author with over 20 ELT books. His books for Cengage Learning and National Geographic Learning include Spotlight on FCE, Practical Grammar, Total Business and the new six-level National Geographic course for adult learners called Life.

Helen Stephenson first taught business English in the 1980s. She has written in-house training courses and a course for upper-secondary students. She teaches at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya.


Mô tả

Life 6 Levels The Complete Series - General English Course For Adults
Life 6 Levels The Complete Series – General English Course For Adults

6 DVD Book Life 6 Levels
An Exciting Six – Level General English Course For Adults

John Hughes (Autor), Helen Stephenson (Autor), Paul Dummett (Autor)

Life is driven by rich National Geographic content and the fundamental values of inspiring people to care about the planet, celebrating human achievement and exploring diversity. This material is brought together in a design that is unique in an ELT context while the language syllabus surpasses expectations.



  • In this DVD
01    Life A1 Beginner    1,30 MB
02    Life A1 Beginner Common European Framework of Reference.pdf    2,23 MB
03    Life A1 Beginner Communicative    11,38 MB
04    Life A1 Beginner Extra Practice Activities.rar    14,80 MB
05    Life A1 Beginner Grammar Practice Worksheets.rar    39,60 MB
06    Life A1 Beginner Reading    ,45 MB
07    Life A1 Beginner Student's Book    51,06 MB
08    Life A1 Beginner Student's Book    45,63 MB
09    Life A1 Beginner Teacher’s Book References.pdf    ,28 MB
10    Life A1 Beginner    ,14 MB
11    Life A1 Beginner Workbook    63,67 MB
12    Life A1 Beginner Workbook    64,41 MB

13    Life A2 Elementary    ,59 MB
14    Life A2 Elementary Common European Framework of Reference.pdf    1,74 MB
15    Life A2 Elementary Communicative    11,19 MB
16    Life A2 Elementary Extra Practice Activities.rar    13,36 MB
17    Life A2 Elementary Grammar Practice Worksheets.rar    57,13 MB
18    Life A2 Elementary Reading    ,39 MB
19    Life A2 Elementary Student's Book CD1.rar    40,07 MB
20    Life A2 Elementary Student's Book CD2.rar    41,37 MB
21    Life A2 Elementary Student's Book.pdf    35,46 MB
22    Life A2 Elementary Teacher's Book.pdf    27,82 MB
23    Life A2 Elementary Teacher’s Book References.pdf    ,28 MB
24    Life A2 Elementary Video    ,15 MB
25    Life A2 Elementary Workbook    55,74 MB
26    Life A2 Elementary Workbook    69,15 MB

27    Life B1 Pre-Intermediate    1,68 MB
28    Life B1 Pre-Intermediate Business Writing    5,06 MB
29    Life B1 Pre-Intermediate Common European Framework of Reference.pdf    2,86 MB
30    Life B1 Pre-Intermediate Communicative    11,38 MB
31    Life B1 Pre-Intermediate Extra Practice Activities.rar    13,65 MB
32    Life B1 Pre-Intermediate Grammar Practice Worksheets.rar    48,58 MB
33    Life B1 Pre-Intermediate Reading    ,72 MB
34    Life B1 Pre-Intermediate Student's Book    94,29 MB
35    Life B1 Pre-Intermediate Student's Book    87,34 MB
36    Life B1 Pre-Intermediate Teacher’s Book References.pdf    ,34 MB
37    Life B1 Pre-Intermediate    ,30 MB
38    Life B1 Pre-Intermediate Workbook    87,21 MB
39    Life B1 Pre-Intermediate Workbook    67,59 MB

40    Life B1+ Intermediate    1,70 MB
41    Life B1+ Intermediate Business Writing    4,51 MB
42    Life B1+ Intermediate Common European Framework of Reference.pdf    3,05 MB
43    Life B1+ Intermediate Communicative    11,05 MB
44    Life B1+ Intermediate Extra Practice Activities.rar    14,06 MB
45    Life B1+ Intermediate Grammar Practice Worksheets.rar    41,31 MB
46    Life B1+ Intermediate Reading    ,69 MB
47    Life B1+ Intermediate Student's Book CD1.rar    132,11 MB
48    Life B1+ Intermediate Student's Book    94,30 MB
49    Life B1+ Intermediate Student's Book.pdf    64,65 MB
50    Life B1+ Intermediate Teacher’s Book References.pdf    ,27 MB
51    Life B1+ Intermediate    ,29 MB
52    Life B1+ Intermediate Workbook CD1.rar    133,88 MB
53    Life B1+ Intermediate Workbook    127,74 MB
54    Life B1+ Intermediate Workbook.pdf    19,58 MB

55    Life B2 Upper-Intermediate    1,87 MB
56    Life B2 Upper-Intermediate Business Writing    4,62 MB
57    Life B2 Upper-Intermediate Common European Framework of Reference.pdf    4,73 MB
58    Life B2 Upper-Intermediate Communicative    10,35 MB
59    Life B2 Upper-Intermediate Extra Practice Activities.rar    15,24 MB
60    Life B2 Upper-Intermediate Grammar Practice Worksheets.rar    47,71 MB
61    Life B2 Upper-Intermediate Reading    ,59 MB
62    Life B2 Upper-Intermediate Student's Book    102,01 MB
63    Life B2 Upper-Intermediate Student's Book    103,80 MB
64    Life B2 Upper-Intermediate Student's Book.pdf    87,64 MB
65    Life B2 Upper-Intermediate Teacher’s Book References.pdf    ,34 MB
66    Life B2 Upper-Intermediate Teacher’s Book.pdf    57,08 MB
67    Life B2 Upper-Intermediate    ,29 MB
68    Life B2 Upper-Intermediate Workbook    91,68 MB
69    Life B2 Upper-Intermediate Workbook    89,14 MB
70    Life B2 Upper-Intermediate Workbook    70,39 MB

71    Life C1 Advanced  Communicative Worksheets.rar    26,23 MB
72    Life C1 Advanced  Teacher’s Book References.pdf    ,34 MB
73    Life C1 Advanced    ,85 MB
74    Life C1 Advanced Business Writing    5,39 MB
75    Life C1 Advanced Common European Framework of Reference.pdf    1,54 MB
76    Life C1 Advanced Extra Practice Activities.rar    15,21 MB
77    Life C1 Advanced Grammar Practice Worksheets.rar    32,81 MB
78    Life C1 Advanced Reading    ,34 MB
79    Life C1 Advanced Student's Book    47,80 MB
80    Life C1 Advanced Student's Book    48,52 MB
81    Life C1 Advanced    ,16 MB
82    Life C1 Advanced Workbook    55,81 MB
83    Life C1 Advanced Workbook    64,49 MB
84    Life C1 Advanced Workbook    64,25 MB

85    _Life Business Writing Useful Phrases.pdf    ,30 MB
86    _Life Interactive Reading Practice.rar    73,37 MB
87    _Teacher's Notes for Life Audioscripts.pdf    ,23 MB
88    _Teacher's Notes for Life Reading Texts.pdf    ,23 MB
89    _Teacher's Notes for Life Videoscripts.pdf    ,22 MB


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